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What we do

Shabang Inclusive Learning is a child and young person-centred organisation where the needs of participants with additional needs are paramount to our provision. A place, both real and virtual, where participants feel valued, included and supported. A place of empathy, understanding and love where participants can explore and develop their potential whatever their abilities. A place where participants are not disabled by the physical environment or preconceptions of ability.

Shabang …

  • provides high quality accessible and appropriate creative arts provision for children and young people with additional needs and their families
  • develops and sustains accessible creative and inspiring spaces within its welcoming building base – The Chapel
  • gains insight into the challenges and needs of our participants and seeks to address these through our creative programmes
  • offers provisions, resources and programmes of work free of charge to promote equal access
  • sets targets to monitor and appropriately evaluate progress and uses the results to inform future work
  • reviews, improves and clearly communicates all policies
  • uses digital technology to strengthen networks of support and delivery
  • works with artists and practitioners to broaden horizons, increase opportunities and breakdown barriers to participation
  • ensures fun, joy, creativity, learning, acceptance and love remain the core ingredients of Shabang’s artistic output