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Case Study

Case studies

Shabang has done so much work for my son and really helped him push forward in his development through stimulating his senses. They use sounds visuals effects as well as touch to support the growth of any child with a disability. They also offer great support and advice not just for for the children but for parents and carers. My son is 2 years old and was born premature with Down Syndrome and spent some time in hospital. Both me and my partner found it quite difficult to help him with his development as this was a new experience for us. Through support and advice we have learnt so much about how to support him. Shabang has helped us to meet some amazing people who are now friends we really couldn’t imagine not having Shabang in our lives.

Shabang have given my daughter who has Down Syndrome the confidence to interact socially with people and have provided our whole family with support and the chance to be somewhere where our daughters disability isn’t an issue. All of our children love the family clubs and the creativity that happens there! Shabang work tirelessly for children with special needs and have a a huge positive impact on all that are lucky enough to use their services.

We have a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shabang have made our family feel like we have a place we can go and enjoy being together and not feel like we are being judged. We have made may friends and my son has gained confidence and independence through the sessions. There is nothing like Shabang.

Brilliant organization for parents with children with special needs. It brings everyone together and gives everyone the chance (children and adults alike) to celebrate our differences and share our personal experiences whilst having the time of our lives. Personally, my daughter and I have met two other families who have children, like my daughter, with a very rare syndrome called Kabuki Syndrome at these wonderful gatherings and this has made a huge difference to all of our lives.