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Shabang performers are Russ Elias and Kim Reuter – a double act for many years. We have created a host of eccentric characters, plot lines, themes, songs and adventures. Some of these are live performances others are on digital media. All our performances are created for inclusive audiences using multi-sensory techniques, singing, signing, original songs and opportunities for the children and young people to participate.

Bud & Blossom – Bloomin’ Marvellous

We’ve no doubt you’ve heard all about the world famous gardener Bud Mulch, star of the touring show ‘Fun in the Potting Shed’. Alongside his trusty green fingered pal, Blossom, Bud is fearless when it comes to exploring the mysteries of Mother Nature’s world. Bud and Blossom often seem to find themselves on unexpected adventures of a horticultural nature, including saving the mystical ‘Gaia Tree’ by planting the last seed of its kind and rediscovering the mythical tale ‘The Woodcutter and the Magpie’.

Don’t forget … all of Bud and Blossom’s garden songs plus loads of ideas are in resource book and CD – The Whole Shabang: Volume One

Barnacle Bill & Barmy Bess – All At Sea!

Our pirate heroes are always on some adventure on the high seas.

Whether its searching for treasure, or discovering stowaways. They sail the seven seas in their Rocky Bottom boat with their motley crew of sea dogs in tow. Join them and they will work you hard – pulling on the anchor rope and hoisting up the sails!

If you’re lucky one of their old maps may well lead you to unbelievable treasures – either way you’re in for a high old time with this pair!

Bodger and Gloria

Gloria the housekeeper and Bodger Smith the (not so) handyman live below stairs in the big house owned for generations by the mysterious Lady Rose.

The hapless Bodger means well – but it is usually Gloria who ends up making things right. Gloria is a hive of activity but Bodger is a bit of a bumbler who loves nothing more than a song and an afternoon nap.

They love a good sing along in between the occasional visits from ‘her upstairs’ who comes to check that all is harmonious down below.

watch Bodger & Gloria here…

Algie & Ivy – Bag Lady

Meet our wandering pair – their home is a clearing in the woods, but always on the move they spend their time a-wandering and pondering the strangeness of daily life.

These two never wander very far but they generate a universe of songs and stories in their woodland glade. Ivy the Bag Lady only has to look in her bag of rocks and stones to find a story to tell or a song to sing and there’s bound to be all the bits and pieces she need to help her in her multitude of bags. Good old Algie likes nothing better than to sit by their old camp fire and help her out.

Wild Tex Tetley and Calamity June

Wild Tex Tetley and his sidekick Calamity June are a pair of good old wild west (well West Yorkshire) country cowpokes. They tour their Wild West Show to all and sundry. Down to earth June loves to sing her cowboy songs but Tex, who has an inquisitive side, is prone to dreams and visions, which often lead our duo to tribal places and strange encounters with ancient spirits.

Mr Brown and Miss Green – The Keepers of the Collection

Geoffrey Brown (Fellow of the Royal Society) and ever reliable Miss Green are a pair of much travelled Egyptologists.

Geoffrey has a specialism in the ancient Pharoahs of Egypt and Miss Green has a particular interest in … well … Geoffrey. Their frequent visits to the Nile Valley and Geoffrey’s rather bumbling nature are the cause of many encounters with the ancient world. There’s never a dull moment!

Watch Mr Brown & Miss Green here….

Madame Olga Orbit and Gordon Flash

Meet our mysterious and magical Stargazers – Madame Olga and her apprentice Gordon.

Blessed with the the power to see into the future they can read your fortune with tea leaves, crystal balls and have even been known to bake their own fortune cookies! This cosmic pair have a direct link to Mercury the messenger himself so who knows what adventures will befall them? – Where did their last time travelling adventure take them? Victorian London? Ancient Greece? Shakespeare’s Globe? – no – it was Elvis Presley’s living room – where else ?!

Captain Roland Groove and Reenie the Cabin Queenie

Fly away with Captain Roland Groove and his trusty assistant Reenie on a magical, musical flight like no other. These characters feature on our DVD and CD ‘Let’s Fly Away’ where you get to choose from three destinations.

Help the Captain and Reenie get their magic carpet off the ground and join them as they soar through the skies to exotic locations.

A  Teacher’s Toolkit will help you re-create their adventure.

Mimi and Flo-Bo

Mimi and Flo- Bo feature on our DVD and CD ” Sweet Imagineers”. A pair of dreamers who while away their days sharing memories and imaginations from the comfort of their snug sofa. 

Featuring a cast of diverse performers from Shabang’ workshops and 11 original catchy songs signed in Makaton .