What Charlie Says…..

Blogs about Run Huddersfield - an amazing fiudraising event fro Shabang!


12th May 2017

On June 4th Shabang will be taking part in Run Huddersfield – an epic marathon event. We have a number of Shabang heroes taking part both in the Half marathon and the Fun Run at Huddersfield YMCA,

If you would like to be involved give us a ring on 07947586445.

Charlie Dad to Ella has written a fantastic blog about why he is taking part and raising  funds for Shabang. You can read it here., It’s brilliant!:

What Charlie says….


Colin , Dad to Noah has also written this for us:

Noah is now 6 and has a really rare form of Interstitial Lung Disease. Only the 19th child in the world known to have it at the time. He spent almost the first year of his life at Alder Hey Childrens hospital and then spent the next year safely at home in a protective bubble, away from any other children and any germs that may put him back there. He has a tracheostomy and a ventilator and oxygen which for his first years he was on 24/7.

There was a lot to manage for Noah and for us who had to learn everything we needed to know about how to manage Noahs airway and monitor his medical equipment and keep him breathing. It was a big responsibility.

Of course we couldn’t keep him shut away for ever and we were encouraged to take him out and meet other children but we were stuck for a safe place to go – safe medically so that if anything went wrong we would have the space to deal with the situation and space to be normal and not have stares and comments from the general public whilst we found our feet. Then we found Shabang.

Shabang was that safe place where we could go to once a week. There was music and acting and sensory experiences and other children.  These other children also had additional needs and so it was a place where we had some common ground with the others that attended. No one judged you, people were there to help if you had a medical emergency, other mums and dads and of course Kim and Russ were willing to just have a cup of tea and sit down and have a chat and support one another.

At Shabang, we learnt Makaton which meant that we could communicate with Noah and understand what he wanted to say, he finally learnt to point and sing and play and walk. He went from the scared baby at the back of the room to a confident young boy who wanted to sit with the captain and play along on his guitar to the music.

Shabang is a lifeline for us. Without it Noah would not be who he is today. The people that we meet there are like true friends and family now. It holds a very special place in our hearts.

Noah’s Dad Colin will be running the Half Marathon for Shabang.