Episode 4 with Dot & Bernard is available to view on 30.09.20!

Here is all the important info for the next session on Shabang Time TV on Wednesday 30.09.20 at 11am

  1. click on this link to take you to the Shabang Time TV session on YouTube on Wednesday 30.09.20 at 11am https://youtu.be/5ob045imylY
  2. click here to download your activity and home book sheets to access ideas and tasks and to prepare for each session with your class or child shabangtimeactivitysheet-3.9.2.pdf
  3. new this week is an educational short themed session - Dot's Old Box Autumn Special - click to watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23E8pYwUI-Q
  4. click here to download the songs available this week - Silver Moon and Let's Have a Nice Cup of Tea



Plus we realise that for those of you joining us as we go along you might like to access the Activity Sheets and Home Book Sheets from previous weeks as you catch up with earlier episodes of Shabang Time TV on YouTube, so here is an archive list for each week so far:-




See you soon!