Bag Lady & Algie Moss

Happy Hoe Boes

Meet our wandering pair – their home is a clearing in the woods, but always on the move they spend their time a-wandering and pondering the strangeness of daily life.

These two never wander very far but they generate a universe of songs and stories in their woodland glade. Ivy the Bag Lady only has to look to in her bag of rocks and stones to find a story to tell or a song to sing and there’s bound to be all the bits and pieces she need to help her in her multitude of bags. Good old Algie likes nothing better than to sit by their old camp fire and help her out.

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Algie Moss and Bag Lady share a story or two over a nice cup of tea.

One thing leads to another and the pair break into song!

Algie Moss a-wandering and pondering while playing some happy tunes.