So – here we are. We came through Lock Down 1, prepared to enter Tier 3 but alas here comes Lockdown 2 – better buy some materials quick before the supplies close down!

Throughout all these strange changes our magnificent team have been working at the chapel, staying safe and making huge strides on all areas.

The garden is looking very autumnal . Our crop of courgettes and beans have come to an end – just a few carrots and leeks left to enjoy. Russell’s apple tree bore a single apple this year but never was a man more proud of his fruit!!

This was our first season for planting fruit and veg and we’ve learnt loads about what fares well and where. We can’t wait for our Shabang children and young people to get planting and enjoying their harvests - but patience required all round on that score – fingers crossed for next year.

In other areas outside we now have fencing around our play area, a pond (with an astonishingly pink waterlily), stone steps into the allotment and a heap of daffodil bulbs planted ready for the spring. We’ve also bought a beautiful teak memory bench which will be placed in a quiet corner in memory of lost loves. Sadly two Shabang family members lost in the last couple of months.

Inside our arty activity space the stone work has been sandblasted, the bathrooms have been plastered and the bi-folding doors fitted. The chapel ceiling is finished, the chapel pews have been removed ready for the new floor to be fitted and the electrics have been completed meaning we now have light! Here is a link to progress of the chapel ceiling 

Our fundraising has reaped some rewards and a couple of disappointments – but that is always the way of things. An exciting development has been our inclusion on a One Community ‘Match It!' scheme where any donations between 1 November 2020 and 31 January 2021 will be matched. All donations will go towards the completion of the Chapel’s Family Room which will have a small kitchen a soft seating area and space for our young people to hang out and be together.

Donations can be made via our donate page on our website: